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please dont mind the brightness of some of the pics -- its HORRIBLY sunny here today & this is the best lot i could snap out of my cam

here is the black plaits accented with dark red & white:

another view:

im not sure if you wanted just plaits or if you wanted twists as well
i have already sectioned off 2 different areas of the red (aqua) and 2 more areas of black (lime green) -- please let me know if you would like these either twisted or plaited. i also need to know which accent colors you would like each to have (ie - the black (lime green) twisted with red & white or the black (lime green) plaited with red only, etc)

here are a couple of shots showing the color/shade of red rexlace i have as well as the ribbons (i put the white in there as well though that is pretty self-explanatory):

ribbons are going horizontal and rexlace is vertical

i know the lighting is somewhat off indoors but i think that both of the colors look really good together with what ive already got

anyways let me know what you like so i can finish them up
ill definately be posting/emailing you more pics as im finishing your order -- ill send/post pics of them finished before rexlace & ribbion is added, after they are added and also photos of either someone (or my styrofoam head) modeling them for you -- that way you can make changes on anything you like before i send them out

cheers hon
cant wait to hear back from you :)

~Mistress Draven
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