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For Sale

Heres What I Have Up For Sale.

These are the first pair of falls i ever made! The Are VERY thick....about 60 on each fall. The are very long. they fall below the breast, they are kinda messy at the ends. but they still look gorgeous! They are made with balck synthetic hair and balck and white ironed wool. Seeing as they ARE mess and many people dont care for the look, im am only asking 40$ for them not including shipping. they can probibly be fixd the way you want them to, probibly even shortned....hre are some pictures!

">[CLICK HERE]</a>,


[HERE..] and


Theres Falls and Yellow and Black Braids and Twists with strips of leather ,peices of rexlace and yellow ribbon, they falls about shoulder lenght and are attched to lace by small elastics. Im asking 35$ for this pair, not including shipping.

Here are Some Pictures.

[HERE] and [HERE..]
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