Mistress Draven (mistress_draven) wrote in dravenfalls,
Mistress Draven

Hot Pink Fall for Direct Sale

its been a few months now since i made this custom fall for someone and i have yet to hear back from them. i figure ive given ample time for them to reply to my emails so i am selling it for for cheap to free up some space for more falls in the closet

special price of $20 + shipping

this is 1 extra full long fall - black base with hot pink & magenta twists/braids. if you would like hot pink or black rexlace added in i can do that for you at no extra charge

(please keep in mind this is a pic of the fall in progress - if you would like i can whip out the styro head to you can get a better idea of what it would look like on.)

if anyone is interested you can either comment here or send an email to dravenfalls@shaw.ca
first come first serve basis

~Mistress Draven
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